NAAC is the government organization for the assessment and accreditation of Higher Education Institutions so as to ensure quality as an integral part of the functioning of the institutions. For the purpose an Internal Quality Assurance Cell has been established in our institution as per guidelines of NAAC as a quality enhancement and sustenance measure and to meet the diverse needs of all the stakeholders. The cell coordinates with all the administrative and academic committees and cells of the college to conduct quality related activities. It works consistently and consciously towards the improvement in the overall performance of the institution. The college got accredited for the third cycle in August 2021 and received B++ grade. 
Goals and Functions of IQAC: 
  • Planning, guiding and maintaining quality enhancement and assurance activities in the institution. 
  • Facilitating learner-centric environment and enhancing participatory teaching and experiential learning process
  • Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality related institutional processes • Conduct of academic audit
  • Preparation and timely submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to NAAC • Verification of API scores of the faculty 
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